(Yes, 2 women who run a bounce house company.)

Katie Smock

Co-Owner of Atomic Bounce

Katie is a mom with 4 children and a wonderful husband. Her husband is in school and Katie is the primary breadwinner. She also partially home schools her children. She has also learned to face paint and is a glitter tattoo expert. 

I know some of you just said, "Wow! 4 children!"

But because she also fosters occasionally she has 5 or 6 children she cares for. She has her license to inspect bounce houses in the state of PA :)

When you call in or email you will frequently speak with Katie.

Some Special Things About Katie

She likes to ride dragons.

She enjoys a good caterpillar race.

Nicole has a hard time getting her out of the bouncers.

Nicole Pauling

Co-Owner of Atomic Bounce

Nicole is a stay at home mom with 2 biological children, a super husband, 2 hypo-allergetic dogs and 2 fish. She homes schools her youngest son. The family also does foster care and respite care. And yes, her husband also stays home with the kids on weekends.

She spent 10 years working in social services before becoming a muralist and then going into business with Katie. She is also one of our state licensed inspectors, a face painter, and balloon twister! Nicole takes care of specialty items and entertainers such as the jugglers, pony rides, and staffing.

Some Special Things About Nicole

She likes to paint faces (even her own).

She thinks the Chicken Dance counts as an aerobic activity.

Katie has a hard time getting her to stop playing with and re-arranging the blocks.