"For a Bouncing Good Time" 

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Balloon Artists

Our artists know over 40 different balloon animals, hats, flowers... 

Each artist comes with a different knowledge base but they always bring lots of fun.

Premier Balloon Twisters: Les and Nicole

Balloon Twisters in Training: Katrina, Arianna, and Talon

Some pictures of our balloon creations. The octopus is by Nicole. The unicorn hat is by Les. 

Talon is holding lady bugs and turtles he made. The last one is done by Nicole. 


is our primary twister but he has loads of experience and talent! You will love what he can do: Crazy hats, animals, swords, monkeys and all kinds of fun new items. He is the person you're most likely to see at York City's New Year's Eve event and at Carlisle's street fair. 


is our secondary twister, she taught Les to twist (and they are married) but her first love is face painting. You will love what she can do: Hats, animals, swords, monkeys and of course awesome variations on classics and favorites. She loves making kids smile. 

Katrina, Talon, & Arianna

are our twisters in training. They are available for a discounted rate because they are still learning the trade. They can make dogs, swords, bows and arrows, snakes, turtles, lady bugs, and a couple other things that each one knows individually. They are still just learning but love what they are doing and working events. Perfect for line work where elaborate designs aren't expected.