Covid 19: 0 Contact Rentals

Just because you can't leave the house to have fun, 

Doesn't mean the fun can't come to you. 

All units are sanitized at each delivery with hospital grade cleaner. You can watch us clean your unit!

We recommend that only immediate family use the units during this time 

and that all kids wash their hands before and after using the units.

Atomic Bounce currently has a 0 contact process.

This includes: Payment by credit card via the phone.

Online waiver.

0 onsite contact. Just tell us via phone or email where you want it.

Cleaning onsite by us plus we will leave the cleaner if you want to go over it again!

Our cleaner is approved for use in COVID 19.

Pick Up requires 0 contact as well.

The same unit can not be rented out within a 7 day time frame. 

We have plenty of units to choose from so this will not be an issue.