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Inflatable Slides

Some inflatable slides are for 1 child at a time, some accommodate 2, some are inside bounce houses, and some attach to obstacle courses, some even use water! If you aren't sure which kind of slide you want please email us with any questions! [email protected]

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Wet and Wild $395

Able to be used wet or dry this 20 foot tall double water slide is sure to be the thrill your tween or teen is looking for.

Reccomended Ages: 8-adult

Triple Threat Slide $345

3 lane slide with small obstacle section, perfect for community events where you want to get a lot of people through at the same time. This is a fantastic unit, great slide that is not too tall but not too short either. 

Ages 2+

The Big One $325

18 feet tall with plenty of stopping room at the bottom. We use this indoors in the winters and it is one of our most popular units. Great for events and backyard parties.

Ages 2 +

Wave Surfer $325

Able to be used wet or dry, no worries about flying off the end with this water slide! The curved angle of the end makes this a much nicer water landing. The extra height gives it a little extra thrill.

Ages: 3-Adult (up to 165 pounds per person) 

Adrenaline Slide $325

14 feet tall with a small obstacle section and a double slide. This is a really nice slide. It may be difficult for small children. We recommend ages 3+ 

Splash Down $275

Use it wet or dry. Smaller slide, Only 10 feet tall but forms a water landing at bottom the kids love.

Ages: 2-13 

Fun with a Porpoise $275

Able to be used wet or dry. A fun new bounce and slide combo that is sure to be an amazingly fun time.

Ages: 3-14 (up to 135 pounds per person) 

Crazy Combo $250

Large bounce area and giant slide make this brand new unit a great way to have a party. All ages.

May be hard to use the slide for those under 2. Recommended 3+

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