Bounce houses are supposed to be fun but they aren't fun when they aren't used correctly, in fact, they could be dangerous.

Rules are left at each delivery so you can ensure your guests have a fun time! 

Rule Review

Bounce houses and slides must always be supervised when in use

**Bounce with similar sized children** Make sure when multiple kids are in a bounce house that they are with other children who are about the same size.

Please use common sense when using the bounce house

No parents may bounce with children

1 person at a time getting in or out

1 person climbing the slide stairs

1 sliding down the slide

Do not climb the wrong way on the slide

Don't jump on the slide

Play Nice With Others

No food or drinks or candy in bounce area

No flips or gymnastics in bouncers

No Shoes or Sharp Objects in bouncers

Don't Bounce against the sides

Don't hang on the netting.

No bouncing on Twister Game.

No unzipping zippers or flipping switches.

Do not go behind bouncers or near blowers.

Parents stand 3 feet from sides of bounce units.

Children must slide feet first down slides

No rough play in the bounce houses

No silly string or pinatas in the bounce house.

No sliding with others on the slide

No holding infants on laps on slides

Children should be spread out and not all standing on one side of bounce house as this could "tip" it.

If a unit is a water unit please keep a close eye on all children using the unit. 1 child at a time and they must be off the unit before the next child begins to use it.

Sometimes even though things are set up properly, inspected, rules are reviewed and followed children still can get hurt. Please encourage children to play carefully.

Weather and Wind Concerns

When the wind is 15 mph or greater all children should be asked to exit the unit and the unit should be shut off until the wind dies down consistently. The easiest way beyond listening to weather reports is if you see that trees are bending at the tops, or that your bounce house is, then it is time to turn it off.

If a storm is coming in, even before it reaches you, it should be shut down to avoid the "hot air balloon" affect, where the air inside the unit is warmer, and thus lighter and able to float, than the air outside of the unit. 

General Bouncer Operation and set up

* apron- This is the front entrance of the bounce house. Children (or adults or teens) should climb up the center, one at a time, of the apron to enter or exit the bounce.

enough to mention again. Children should be close in size when bouncing. Parents can not bounce with their kids. If a serious injury is going to occur it is going to be because this rule was broken.

*An attendant adult must be with the bounce house at all times.

*Emergency Evacuation- If a bounce house begins to deflate do not stop to find out why. Get children out first and then try to figure it out. Calmly and firmly tell the children to crawl out the front of the bounce. If it has started to deflate hold open the entrance and reach in to pull children out. Generally this does not happen. If it does the usual cause is electrical in nature (the blower is plugged into a bad outlet or overused outlet, the generator is out of gas etc). Try to restart the bounce house only after all children are accounted for.