Toddler Units

These units are designed with a smaller child in mind.  There are smaller play areas with little ones in mind and the climbs, if present, do not hinder small ones being able to play. 

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Excaliber Play Center - $295

Bounce, Obstacle, and mini-slide. Perfect for the 1-8 crowd. This is a VERY big unit, our largest toddler unit is stock. It is a hit every time it is set up, even the big kids will want to play in it!

(8 children at a time)

Go Go Combo - $265 

Bounce and larger slide than in the Play Center. Perfect for the 1-8 crowd. This unit can be used as a dry or wet slide and will be a big hit at your party. Also because it is a smaller combo.

Any regular unit $175-$195

While some kids are masters at climbing and sliding others may not be able to do it well until 2 or 3 years of age, especially on large slides or in obstacle courses. Because of this if your party has more kids under 5 then over we recommend a unit that most of the kids can use without struggling or needing assistance. To see more of our "regular" bounce houses please click the home page and then regular bounce house link. 

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